Jumbo Shrimp Game 21: Let’s Get Some Runs!

If you’ve ever spent any time at Wrigley Field, you’ll know that whenever the Cubs play the classic rendition of Harry Caray singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” it is always followed by people screaming out Caray’s old line of “Let’s Get Some Runs!” Maybe Caray thought the woeful Cubs of the 80’s and... Continue Reading →

Jumbo Shrimp Weekend Recap

As most followers of The Catch know, we’ve been on a west coast road trip over the weekend that has allowed for little else other than fun and relaxation. And lots of driving. But the weather has been amazing, the people incredibly friendly, and the beers have been tasty. So today, we provide you with... Continue Reading →

Looking Back and Looking Forward

We are now one full week into the 2021 Minor League season, so let’s take a quick step back and take a look at where the Jumbo Shrimp currently stand in the Triple-A East Southeast Division (that’s still a mouthful). Southeast Division standings - games thru May 9, 2021 Yes, this is but a small... Continue Reading →

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