Jumbo Shrimp and Bulls Games Now Part of the “2021 Surf And Turf Series”

As this blog pointed out prior to the start of the season, playing 36 games against some opponents this season would be a bit of a chore for the Jumbo Shrimp and fans alike. It’s tough seeing the same teams and same players again and again without getting slightly complacent. Thankfully, the marketing geniuses in both Jacksonville and Durham put their thinking caps on and decided to have some fun with their new rivalry. They have given us the “2021 Surf and Turf Series.”

News of this new rivalry came out last week prior to the Bulls’ series here in Jacksonville. The Shrimp actually went into last week’s home games with a 4-2 series lead. Something to build upon, right? Unfortunately, the Bulls felt differently and ran roughshod over the Shrimp at 121 Financial Ballpark. Durham now leads the series 7-5. The next chance to chip away at that lead is less than three weeks away, with the Bulls coming to Jax once again on June 22.

Benjamin Hill at MiLB.com – author of the Ben’sBiz blog and otherwise known as the man whose job I thoroughly covet – has a great look at what went into this new rivalry and talks to the marketing folks at both teams. Apparently puns and fun are what make for a good rivalry. And the fact that the loser has to give away 500 shirts next season announcing that they lost and are, in fact, losers. I plan to be in attendance at whichever game these shirts are given away.

So, roll on June 22 and let’s all get behind #TeamSurf.

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