Jumbo Shrimp Game 21: Let’s Get Some Runs!

If you’ve ever spent any time at Wrigley Field, you’ll know that whenever the Cubs play the classic rendition of Harry Caray singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” it is always followed by people screaming out Caray’s old line of “Let’s Get Some Runs!” Maybe Caray thought the woeful Cubs of the 80’s and 90’s would be inspired by his exhortation. I have no idea whether it worked or not. But it seems reasonable to use this same line on the current Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp lineup. They desperately need to rediscover their form and start scoring runs again.

The Shrimp managed to get multiple hits against the Durham Bulls on Thursday night, up from a lone safety on Wednesday. It still didn’t help them get a run, however, as the Shrimp were shut out once again 5-0.

Final score – May 27, 2021

It has now been 24 innings since the Shrimp have scored a run against Durham. In those 24 innings, Durham has scored 21 runs. According to closely placed sources within baseball, I’m told that “this is not good.”

Devin Marrero led the Shrimp with a 2-for-5 effort, including a double. All-world Superstar Jesús Sánchez, Corey Bird, and Connor Justus all went 1-for-5. Sánchez once again made opposing baserunners very sorry for their choices as he gunned yet another Durham Bull out at home.

The teams go at it once again this evening at 121 Financial Ballpark. First pitch 7:05 pm. The game is a sellout, so listening on 690 ESPN Jax or MiLB.tv are your options if you don’t have tickets.

Ok…so let’s see if this works. If you can’t make it to then game tonight, stand at your window, open it wide, and yell as loud as you can: “Let’s Get Some Runs!” I’m sure it will sound even better at the ballpark.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. Let’s go Shrimp!

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