Random Baseball Photo of the Day

The family left Jax over the long holiday weekend and we headed to Columbia, South Carolina to see something new. Amidst baseball (more on that later), hiking at Congaree National Park, and a short walking tour around the S.C. State Capitol building, I happened to spy this place:

I noticed the wall first as we were driving by. It clearly looked worn. Then I saw the state of the ballpark itself:

As you can see, baseball is no longer played at Capital City Stadium. It served as the main ballpark in the city for years. It hosted a number of affiliated minor league teams, the last being the Capital City Bombers of the South Atlantic League in 2004.

The stadium has been destined for the scrap heap for years now. The most recent plans call for new luxury housing to be built on the site. But the park still stands. I hope at the very least the city/developers/preservationists manage to retain the ballpark wall to give the area some character.

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