Huge News! Jax Shrimp Tickets and Promos Released!

Happy Friday everyone! (Or as my daughter calls it “Friyay!”) Coming to you this afternoon from Jax’s own King Maker Brewing Company, where The Catch staff is enjoying a nice pint and some fantastic baseball chat. Hope everyone is enjoying the afternoon as much as we are.

Huge news from the corner of A. Phillip Randolph and Adams this week. Yes, our beloved Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp finally released tickets for the 2023 season, while also releasing their amazing promo calendar for the year. Check ‘em both out here:



The Shrimp released their tickets and promos amidst an absolute blitz of info from every minor league team that we follow. To say that this week was fun…is an absolute understatement. Go get your tickets now folks! Jax Shrimp tickets sell fast. Do NOT miss out on this amazing season!

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