The New MLB Rules are a Good Thing!

I know that discussions about the Pitch Clock & other new rules in Major League Baseball are all the rage after the first weekend of Spring Training games. It seems that fans had the vapors when a game ended on a called 3rd strike when the batter wasn’t ready (the game was tied so it ended only because the teams didn’t play extras.) To everyone reading this, let’s just calm ourselves for a moment and realize once again that it was the first weekend of Spring Training. The game didn’t matter. You won’t see this call in any of the box scores that truly matter.

For those unfamiliar with the new rules, let’s take another look:

For those of us who have watched plenty of minor league games featuring these rules, the only thing they do is make the game BETTER. Seriously. Watching baseball the way it was played from its inception up until the 1980s or so is fantastic. More action, less dead time, more hits, more steals/steal attempts…is actually pretty great! The players will adjust to these new rules and will be just fine. Don’t forget, the umpires have to adjust as well. Trust me, you – watching at the ballpark or at home – are going to love them too once the season begins. Seriously.

Get ready for #BetterBaseball – that’s what we’re calling it here at The Catch – in 2023.

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