Enough With Winter…It’s Time for Baseball!

If you, like me, are sick and tired of e-mails, texts, or pop-up windows on your phone with yet another Top 10/50/100 list of positions, players, or prospects – and zomg they are so repetitive – then I think we can agree that baseball has run out of hot stove material and it’s time to get down to work.

Thankfully, real live baseball games begin this Friday with the beginning of the Cactus League out in Arizona. Yes, the Rangers and the Royals will get to work at 3:05pm EST and we can begin life as normal once again with the daily routine of baseball. Our closer-to-home Grapefruit League – if you care to attend – starts on Saturday afternoon with an entire slate of games.

Since this is a Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp blog – yes, we don’t post as much as we should, but you really should be following us on Twitter and Instagram too, ya know – we feel obligated to report that…not much at all is going on down at 121 Financial Ballpark right now. Tickets have yet to go on sale. The promo schedule has yet to be announced. Opening Day is just five short weeks away. So, I guess that means March will be a whirlwind of info from the club, which of course we will cover here.

It’s going to be blistering hot here in Jax this week/weekend, so get out and enjoy a game. It’s time for Baseball!

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