The 2021 MLB All-Star Game to Feature Custom Uniforms for Each Team; And They’re Lousy

The baseball world was given yet another shock this morning when it was announced that, after 88 years of players wearing their own uniforms during the Summer Classic, the 2021 Major League Baseball All-Star Game would feature custom uniforms for each team. Here they are:

If you looked at these and said they were bad, you would be right. If you looked at these and said they are terrible, you would also be right. You can view the entire array of awful – jerseys, hats, and logos – here, courtesy of our friends at

These would be fine for batting practice, because that’s exactly what they look like – BP jerseys. What they do not at all look like are game jerseys to be worn during the biggest showcase for MLB outside of the World Series. Why on Earth would MLB force this monstrosity upon us? Why make the change now? Who thought that this was a good idea? On top of that, why are there floral designs on the sleeves?

In case you think I’m being over the top on this, please know that I am not alone in hating these uniforms and the decision that went into foisting them upon the baseball world.

Right now, pretty much every decision MLB makes is the wrong decision. They are the proverbial gang that can’t shoot straight. They can’t get their act together on how to make baseball “better”, can’t find an acceptable way to prevent pitchers from cheating, can’t find a way to better promote the sport and its multitude of talented players, and now, manage to take the one game where the sports world shines its light on baseball only for one night each year…and make it look like a beer-league softball game. Baseball fans deserve better than the current leadership at Major League Baseball.

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