Minor League Playoffs in 2021? Maybe So!

Interesting story from Baseball America’s JJ Cooper (no relation) this morning that minor league teams have been told to leave dates open at the end of September for the possibility of…playoffs! That’s right. Now that the Covid-19 levels have dropped significantly, the end-of-season dates that were being held for make-up games might now be used for playoff games instead. I agree with JJ that having playoffs, even if it were just the division winners or top-2 playing each other, would make the season all the more satisfying given the unbalanced schedule most teams are playing.

Now, in Triple-A, I would like to see the three Triple-A East division winners and the 2nd place team with the best record face off best of three semis, and then best of three finals. Triple-A West can have best of three finals with the two division winners. Then the Triple-A Final should be at the home of the league winner with the best record.

I really hope that this plan becomes reality. More baseball is better, especially when you have some silverware at the end of the journey.

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