The Catch on the Road: Norfolk Edition

Getting up at 0 Dark Thirty isn’t the usual routine to get ready to watch some baseball. (unless you are watching games from Japan or Korea, yes I know) But today I dragged my weary carcass from the bed extra super early in order to hustle up to JAX for a flight to Norfolk (via Atlanta, of course) to see our 10-4 Jumbo Shrimp on the road against the Tides.

The Catch will be watching the Shrimp at least once at every road destination this season. Given that the Shrimp only face FIVE different opponents on the road this season, that was a bargain I could swing with Mrs. Catch (though she was not thrilled at the prospect of interrupted slumber this morning).

New ballparks, new baseball stories, and the Jumbo Shrimp. That’s why we’re here. See you all in Norfolk.

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