The Catch on the Road: Indians v. Mariners in Seattle

I’m an Ohio kid at heart. So no matter how good or bad of a season they might be having, I’m still Cleveland ‘til I die in pretty much every sport. So when I looked at the schedule and spotted the Indians playing in Seattle in early May…well, we just had to be here.

T-Mobile Park from my flight to Seattle

One of my baseball goals is to see the Indians in every American League park. I’m was at eight before tonight. My tally now stands at nine with the amazing game we witnessed at T-Mobile Park this evening.

T-Mobile Park

First off, T-Mobile Park is amazing. It’s as good a park as you can possibly find, with amazing fans, and one of the best views you’ll ever see. I mean, seriously…look at it! Gorgeous.

As for the game itself, Zach Plesac was unbelievable for the Indians, throwing seven full no-hit innings. If he had just been able to get past J.P. Crawford in the top of the 8th, he might have been able to bring it home. Plesac gave up a dinger to make it 4-2.

The Indians brought in Emmanuel Clase to close it out in the bottom of the 9th. Two easy outs later, and I thought it was done. But no. Clase gave up three straight walks to load the bases and give me the heart attack I really didn’t need.

Thankfully, Terry Francona decided to bring Brian Shaw in to get the last out. Final score 4-2 for the Indians. Shaw did what he’s paid to do, and we went home happy. (We being my amazing wife and my 4 year old daughter who, even though she is on east coast time, stayed until the final out. What a trooper, eh?)

Watching your team on the road is always a joy. Watching them almost blow it is tough, but pulling out the win is the best feeling.

So, for anyone who might be reading this: Come to Seattle to watch your team or watch the Mariners. You won’t be sorry.

Happy Baseball!

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