Are You Ready? ‘Cause We’re Ready! Game No. 1 for The Catch

Game number one for The Catch today! Since moving to Jax earlier this year, your favorite Jumbo Shrimp blog has been chomping at the bit to get to a game at 121 Financial Ballpark. We have visited numerous times to buy gear, buy tickets, and watch the Alternate Site games. But today…this is our first game at the ballpark. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel today. Hot! Hot really describes things accurately. But excited is just behind that.

All we are hoping for is a good game, a few good cervezas – it is Cinco de Mayo, after all – and a good crowd to cheer on the Shrimp.

Oh, and…really hoping to go up 2-0 in the Navy Town Showdown. If nothing else, then #BeatNorfolk.

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