Reason No. 3287 to love the Jumbo Shrimp: They Still Have Pocket Schedules

Pocket schedules have always been one of the great things about baseball. They have been used for years to let fans would know when their team was playing, both at home and on the road. They also had information on the ballpark, ticket prices, and promotions. Everything you need in one spot. Of course, then as now, they had advertising. In fact, many times the advertisers (usually beer companies, of course) paid for the pocket schedule knowing that the lure of baseball would help promote their product.

The advent of the internet has given teams myriad additional ways to push team information to fans. Websites, e-mails, texts, social media…you know, the stuff we all expect these days. But even with all of that, the pocket schedule remains uniquely associated with baseball. The best clubs keep using the pocket schedule because it is a fantastic marketing tool. And it’s another reason to love the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp because they are all in on pocket schedules for 2021!

2021 Jumbo Shrimp Pocket Schedule

For anyone other than the most diehard fan, you might think that is the extent of the pocket schedule – marketing. Nope. It has also become a huge collectible item. I, too, collect pocket schedules and snag (at least) one at every game I attend. Even better is seeing the pocket schedule out in the wild – at stores, shops, airports, or restaurants. I’ve picked them up everywhere. I love baseball collectibles, and I’m definitely going to be writing more about some of the cool stuff that I have.

Just a few of the pocket schedules in my collection

Historic pocket schedules have also become incredibly popular. Don’t believe me? Then just check out Ebay or any other auction site. They are there, especially the old ones from the 1940s and 50s. I have a Cardinals 1968 pocket schedule that I found in my mother’s effects after she passed away. She loved the Cards, and it was amazing to find this 45 year old (at the time) schedule perfectly preserved in her things. It remains one of my most treasured items.

1968 Cardinals Pocket Schedule art

No matter whether you love them or only like them (how could you hate them?!) be sure to get on down to the Jumbo Shrimp ticket office at 121 Financial Ballpark – they have them sitting right there by the window for the taking – and get your Jumbo Shrimp pocket schedule today!

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