Jumbo Shrimp bringing Vice to Jax in 2021…and it looks awesome.

Every Minor League team tries out new designs or new themes a couple of times a year. That’s just what we have all come to expect from MiLB teams. They are usually funny or quirky or hyper-local so that folks will buy up the gear on sale in the team shop. Now that the Jumbo Shrimp have made the jump to Triple-A, it looks like they decided to come up with a look that will be better than anyone else. That’s right: Vice. This is a fantastic line of gear and couldn’t be any better suited for the top farm club of a Miami-based team. Kudos to the marketing genius who came up with all of this, especially the Don Johnson Shrimp. I cannot wait to see what the team does for Vice Night. There better be lots of Jan Hammer music, ushers dressed in t-shirts with Armani jackets, and pastel colors as far as the eye can see. Can anyone see if Tubbs might be available? I’m guessing he might be.

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