Old School on a Cold Saturday

It’s been cool and windy today in Jax, but that didn’t prevent me from checking out the Jumbo Shrimp’s Garage Sale where they were trying to get rid of lots of old Suns gear.

I arrived a little late because, well, it’s a Saturday and why miss out of some good sleep and a leisurely breakfast with the family? Oh, and the Gate River Run was making traffic less than appealing downtown. So I likely missed out on the best of the best stuff.

That said, I did come away with a Suns BP jersey, a Suns throwback road jersey, and a Jacksonville Expos jersey that looks like it was a giveaway at a game. (I love the use of the partial Expos logo to make the “J”) Not a bad haul at all. Looking forward to wearing these when the season starts.

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