I Still Hate What MLB Did to Minor League Baseball

I wrote about this on Twitter a while back, but I still cannot get over just how badly MLB has ruined Minor League Baseball. The minors are awesome, despite many flaws, but MLB has sanitized it, corporatized it, & robbed it of its historical identity. I mean, look at the names of these leagues. Garbage. Plus, the minors at all levels will now be testing grounds for Rob Manfred and Theo Epstein’s experiments to make baseball “better.” No. Leave the game itself alone. Increase the pace of play and reduce strikeouts. That’s all you need for now. Artificially changing the stats of prospects does nothing to help their chances at a future Major League Roster spot.

Rob Manfred’s “One Baseball” concept is bereft of any heart or soul. It exists solely to line the pockets of MLB owners. And it’s shocking how few have stood up to acknowledge that this project will diminish the sport, not enhance it. How many thousands of ballplayer jobs have been cut? Likewise, front office staff & seasonal worker jobs? And a whole generation of fans across a huge swath of the country are now unable to access affiliated baseball. (Sorry…collegiate leagues don’t count). I know the self-interested parties within MLB won’t ever utter a peep in opposition since they ultimately benefit from the massive cuts. Corporate baseball has to go. I just hope someone speaks up before it is too late. (I’m trying to, so please share if you agree).

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