Why is this blog about the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp?

Well, the simple answer is why not? It’s a great team, with a solid fan base and great ownership. The Jumbo Shrimp – located in the “Bold New City of the South” – are new to Triple-A Baseball this season, and need to have everyone pulling for them as they (and the rest of Minor League Baseball) try to recover from the pandemic-induced hiatus. I’ll certainly be pulling for them. Moreover, from what I could tell, there isn’t a single fan site dedicated to the team on the internet. So, problem solved. The team now has one!

In reality, it comes down to the fact that my family and I were recently relocated to Jacksonville from suburban Chicago by my wife’s company. In Chicago, I had access to three major league teams less than an hour’s drive away, and loads of minor league and independent ball teams. It was fantastic! Now, in Northeast Florida, the nearest Major League club is 4+ hours away, and the rest of the Florida State League (yes, I still call it that) is also quite distant. So, the hometown Jumbo Shrimp will be the main focus of the summer. And I simply couldn’t pass up a chance to write about them during their inaugural Triple-A season. May 4th can’t get here quick enough!

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