Minor Leagues to Have Playoffs At A-AA Levels! Triple-A Season To Be Extended Two Weeks

The Catch decided to honor the All-Stars in its proximity – those being my amazing wife and daughter – with a nice All-Star Break over the past couple of weeks that consisted of a trip to Minnesota to visit family and some time camping, boating, fishing, and generally relaxing. But we’re back, somewhat refreshed, and ready to write about and discuss as much baseball as we possible can until the season ends.

Speaking of the season ending, the Minor League season will no longer end on September 19. Yes, you heard that right. We will have bonus baseball at all levels into late September and early October!

MiLB.com‘s Kelsie Heneghan is out with this article stating that playoffs will take place at the Low-A, High-A, and Double-A levels beginning September 21. The playoffs will feature the best two teams in each league based on winning percentage – regardless of division – facing off in a best-of-five series. This should make for some interesting matchups at all levels.

At the Triple-A level, teams will play an extra two weeks – 5 games each week – with the season to conclude on October 3. The team with the best record on each circuit following the completion of games on October 3 will be declared the league champion. While that feels slightly off, given the massively unbalanced schedules, it’s better than no title at all.

As of writing, the additional games at the Triple-A level have yet to be scheduled. It is likely that the games will once again be against opponents in the same geographic region. I pray that the Shrimp don’t have to suffer through more games against Norfolk or Durham. Thirty-six is enough, thanks. A home stand against the Stripers or Redbirds would be nice, and an away trip to Nashville would also work. Let’s hope it happens.

So here’s to October Baseball, Minor League Style!

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