Random Baseball Photo of the Day

It is a Red Sox v. Yankees weekend once again, so here’s an advert from the June 1, 1971 edition of the New York Times highlighting the upcoming series at old Yankee Stadium on June 2nd and June 3rd. Very interesting that it was only a two-game series, and in the middle of the week. The sports-hype machine certainly wouldn’t stand for that in 2021. If you look at the Yankees schedule from 1971, it looks like there were a few two-gamers scattered throughout. Also interesting is that the Yanks had only 8 nine-inning games that went longer than three hours that season. They had 11 games under two hours long, including one that finished up in one hour and 49 minutes! One might think that MLB and the Commissioner’s Office might learn a thing or two on how to speed up the game looking at these box scores. (Here’s a hint…they put the ball in play, didn’t strike out, didn’t use 12 pitchers a game, and didn’t dawdle in between plays).

Amazing how one advert can lead to so much other fun info. Enjoy your weekend of baseball everyone!

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