MiLB Scouting Report: Marlins Prospect Max Meyer

The ace writers at are at it again, this time with Josh Jackson taking a deep dive into the Marlins’ First Round pick in 2020 – and Number 3 overall pick – Max Meyer.

This kid has the makings of an ace, by all accounts. MLB Pipeline’s assessment of him shows that his stuff – even though he hasn’t played a competitive game in over a year – is pretty amazing. He was sent to the minor league camp early on in Spring Training to lessen the pressure on him. A wise move by the club. He has been at the Alternate Site since Major League camp broke. My guess is that he ends up either in Beloit or, quite possibly, Pensacola to start the year.

Given that Meyer’s upward trajectory seems limitless at this point, it is a fair bet that he is on the fast track to the big leagues, hopefully as a starter, but can you imagine seeing his stuff out of the bullpen? (He started his college career in the bullpen, so it’s not far-fetched for a team that needs a quality stopper). Even so, we do hope that Meyer makes a stop back in Jacksonville so we all can see him before he takes Miami by storm.

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