Baseball is Best When you Share it with Friends

One of the things I enjoy most in life is when my buddies happen to be attending a game and they send along a photo or two. They all know my love of baseball and it’s great that they think to send some enjoyment my way.

Last night, my good friend Christian Simpson, the genius behind the Daily Blitz website and all around sports fanatic, sent me a few photos from the Mets v. Cubs.

The iconic Wrigley Field Marquee

Not only was it great to see what was happening at Wrigley, it then led to a long conversation about the game and other important baseball topics. That’s the kind of baseball chat that MLB wishes every fan had each and every day.

Lindor’s first visit to Wrigley with the Mets

I wish I could go to a game every day with my friends. I really do. I could talk with some of these guys for hours on end about baseball and pretty much any other sport. (I’m sure we would have the problems facing the various leagues sorted out in no time over a few beers!) But since I can’t, especially in the era of the necessary COVID restrictions, the next best thing is to share the experience with friends via text or social media.

And to my friends far and wide, thanks again for thinking of me. Please keep sending the pictures!

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