Moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta is Absolutely the Correct Decision

Major League Baseball announced this afternoon that it will be moving the 2021 All-Star Game and Draft out of Atlanta as a result of Georgia’s new voting laws that target black and brown voters. This is absolutely the correct decision by Major League Baseball. I’m even more pleased with the swiftness of the decision. I was prepared for the league to drag their collective feet on this issue. They did not. Major League Baseball is leading on this issue, and I have to say, it is quite refreshing.

The Atlanta Braves have issued a statement about their disappointment over this decision. I’m sure they are disappointed. But just imagine if they had been more disappointed over the racist voting laws passed by the legislature in their own state? Imagine if they had gone on record before these laws were enacted to vehemently denounce these new restrictions? Maybe then they could have argued that they deserved to keep the game. As it stands, they are yet another corporate behemoth (the Braves are owned by Liberty Media Corporation) that stood by passively while the good ol’ boys in the state legislature rigged the voting rules in their favor. And I’ll bet dollars to donuts that Liberty Media Corporation has donated money to those who supported these racist laws.

Now we just need to ensure that MLB doesn’t move the game to another state considering racist voting laws, because there are quite a few.

Actions have consequences. I hope Georgia decides to swiftly repeal their white supremacist voting laws.

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